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Seller Financing Program

Our customized program provides buyers the opportunity to purchase a home with Seller Financing.  As you will see this opportunity can be of great benefit and flexibility.

Why Seller Financing?

There are many reasons for buying with Seller Financing as opposed to purchasing out right that may include ability to purchase with terms that are more flexible than at the bank, time needed to strengthen the ability to obtain financing, no prepayment penalty at anytime you want to refinance, it’s much faster & easier with quick approval and fast move-in, etc.  One of the GREATEST reasons is the Tax Benefit!  The method of seller financing we use is generally treated by the IRS as a sale which allows the payments of interest made by the buyer possessing the property to be deductible as “mortgage interest”.

There are many great reasons to purchase with Seller-Held Financing instead of renting or even renting to own which do most often include tax advantages, locking in of today’s price, the ability to instantly be in the home you are buying without having to wait for bank financing & closing, the instant gratification of home ownership, etc.

How about Appreciation?  Over time most real estate tends to appreciate making it one of the best known investments.  If a property were acquired for $400,000.00 and it appreciated at an annual rate of 7% compounded over a ten year period, that property would be worth $786,860.54.   What if you put ZERO down when acquiring that property?  Our Seller Financing Program allows you to either refinance or even sell the property within the term allowed.  By selling, you may never have even needed to go to a bank for financing. Special Features

We are not a bank and no bank qualification is required.  There aren’t any preset qualification requirements and each application is subject to the individual Seller’s approval.  Many properties are available with 100% financing, some with flexible minimum monthly payment options allowed, some with deferral of taxes, insurance and even any applicable HOA or Condo fees.  Terms may range 1-30+ years and on average may be 3-10 years.  You may refinance at any time with NO prepayment penalty.  Our company remains the servicer for the duration of the contract.  Existing & future Tenant-Buyers in the Rent 2 Own Program can apply rent credits and option consideration toward the Seller Financing purchase of a Current Inventory Property.  Existing & future Tenant-Buyers can even enter a Seller Financing upgrade offer on the home they are in and when applying earned credits may be able to realize an additional tax write-off.

Let’s Recap:

+ NO Minimum Criteria to Qualify**
+ Up to 100% Financing
+ Reasonable Rates
+ NO Prepayment Penalty
+ Flexible Low Monthly Minimum Payment Option*
+ Deferred Taxes & Insurance Option*
+ Deferred HOA or Condo Fees Option*
+ NO Bank Qualification (Individual Seller Approves Application)
+ NO Long Wait to Close (This is Very Easy!)
+ Better Than Banks
+ Instant Ownership w/Tax Benefits
+ Benefit Fully From Appreciation
+ Sell & Avoid Refinancing Altogether
+ Where Else Can You Find Financing Like This?

*Deferral Options available with participating properties.
**Applications are subject to Individual Seller approval and most applications are approved.

All tax advantages mentioned should be verified with a tax professional.

How it Works:

1. Choose a home you like from our Current Inventory Listings.
2. Call or submit a form for the lock-box combinations to be emailed to you so you can go view the properties.
3. Call or submit a form to obtain pricing on any of the properties and/ or to speak with a staff member.
4. Make an appointment with your favorite staff member to enter your offer.
5. Prepare and present at least the same as a month’s payment (certified funds) to be applied toward the origination fee.  We can do a flexible payment plan for the balance if needed.
6. The staff member will explain many flexible options for you to select from to make your offer and will prepare your paperwork.
7. You will sign the papers, fill out the application and your offer will be entered.
8. Once you have been awarded the property you will obtain possession as mentioned in your offer.
9. You will make your monthly mortgage payment to our company as we will remain the servicer through the duration of the contract.
10. Anytime during the term of the contract you may obtain financing (if needed) OR EVEN SELL and pay off the seller.  At this time the seller will furnish title to the property.
11. We also operate as a branch of SAI Mortgage, Inc. and can assist with obtaining financing when you are ready. Most likely you will even be able to work with the same staff member.
12. We also host settlements.